A local college upgrades it’s public address notification system and Ohio Tele-Net is here to help.

Enhancing Safety and Communication: Installing a Campus Wide Public Address System in a 150,000 Square Foot School Campus

Introduction (Approx. 150 words):

Ensuring the safety of thousands of students, faculty, and staff members can be a daunting task for any educational institution. In response to this challenge, Ohio Tele-Net was commissioned to install a new campus-wide public address (PA) system in a 150,000 square foot school campus. With over 100 classrooms, common areas, and bathrooms requiring speaker coverage, a total of 149 speakers were installed. The new system, featuring one-touch switches for tornado and active shooter alarms, was warmly welcomed as students returned for the fall 2019 school year.

Overcoming the logistical complexities of working in a busy environment, the installation took place between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM to minimize disruptions to the daily operations of the campus. This article explores the process of implementing the new PA system, the challenges encountered, and the benefits of the equipment upgrade, ensuring improved safety and communication throughout the college campus.

Section 1: Upgrading the Campus Public Address System (Approx. 400 words)

The school’s existing public address system, initially installed in 1973, no longer met the evolving needs of the institution. With an increase in student enrollment and advancements in technology, it was necessary to upgrade the system to enhance safety protocols and improve communication across the campus.

1.1 Assessing the Campus Requirements: To design an effective solution, Ohio Tele-Net conducted a comprehensive assessment of the campus, considering factors such as building size, room distribution, foot traffic, and specific areas that required speaker coverage. This evaluation served as the foundation for developing a tailored public address system.

Installing a new Public Address System at a local college. School and higher education systems are our specialty.

1.2 Implementing the New PA System: Working closely with the school administration, Ohio Tele-Net installed 149 speakers strategically throughout the campus. These speakers ensured comprehensive coverage in classrooms, common areas, and even bathrooms, ensuring that important announcements and emergency notifications could be heard by all occupants.

1.3 Streamlining Safety Measures: One of the key objectives of the new PA system was to streamline safety measures on campus. With public address notification system the addition of one-touch switches for tornado and active shooter alarms, the school could quickly and efficiently communicate emergency situations to everyone present. This improved response time and helped ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Section 2: Overcoming Logistical Challenges

Installing a new Public Address System at a local college. School and higher education systems are our specialty.

2.1 Working After Hours: Given the high volume of foot traffic during regular school hours, the installation process had to be conducted during off-peak times to minimize disruptions. Ohio Tele-Net scheduled the work between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, allowing the installation team to work without interfering with the normal operations of the campus.

2.2 Cable Routing in a Complex Environment: The campus had undergone numerous additions and upgrades since its initial construction, resulting in a complex layout that presented challenges for cable routing. The installation team had to navigate through various obstacles to ensure proper connectivity for the new PA system. Through careful planning and expertise, the team successfully managed to route the cables, ensuring seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.

2.3 Equipment Upgrades for Uniform Sound: To achieve a uniform sound quality throughout the campus, the existing Bogen and Wheelock amplifier and speaker system, which operated at 8 Ohms, was replaced with new Pyle amplifiers and JBL speakers. This equipment upgrade provided improved audio clarity, allowing important announcements and emergency notifications to be heard clearly in all areas of the college campus.

Section 3: Benefits of the Upgraded Public Address System (Approx. 400 words)

3.1 Enhanced Safety and Security: The installation of the new PA system significantly enhanced safety and security on the campus. The addition of one-touch switches for tornado and active shooter alarms ensured swift and effective communication during emergencies, enabling students, faculty, and staff to take appropriate action to protect themselves.

3.2 Improved Communication and Information Dissemination: With the new system in place, the school administration could efficiently communicate important information, announcements, and updates to the entire campus community. Whether it was scheduling changes, event reminders, or general announcements, the improved PA system facilitated clear and timely communication, fostering a more informed and connected campus environment.

3.3 Consistent Sound Quality: The equipment upgrade to Pyle amplifiers and JBL speakers resulted in consistent sound quality across the campus. This ensured that announcements and emergency notifications were heard clearly and intelligibly, eliminating potential confusion or misinterpretation.


The installation of a campus-wide public address system presented Ohio Tele-Net with the challenge of ensuring the safety and effective communication of thousands of students, faculty, and staff members. By overcoming logistical challenges and upgrading the existing system, the college campus achieved enhanced safety measures, improved communication, public address notification system and consistent sound quality. The introduction of one-touch switches for tornado and active shooter alarms, along with comprehensive speaker coverage, empowered the campus community to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations. As a result, students could focus on their education in an environment equipped with modern safety protocols, while faculty and staff members benefited from improved communication and information dissemination. The successful implementation of the upgraded public address system serves as a testament to the importance of investing in robust and tailored security solutions for educational institutions.

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